Planned Features


Miniature Catalogue

This will enable the collector to keep record of all the miniatures owned by him and to provide the means to plan his next acquisition based on what battle forces he wants to use. The catalogue will be based on the actual model, including sections for modifications, and what the model can be used for.

Squad Assembler

The process of creating the same squad every time you create a force organisational chart is usually tedious and repetitive. Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager) will feature the ability to create predefined squads for any given rule set to include in any force as defined by the given rule set.

Force Assembler

This will be the heart of Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager), the ability to create organisational charts for the use in battle. The organisational chart editor will allow you to create any force for any rule set by importing pre-defined squads or creating new ones in the editor. The final result will be saveable, printable and/or viewable by any device capable of displaying HTML.

Force Validation

The rule sets used by Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager) require that a battle force adhere to a set of constraints, in order to be valid. This validation will be done automatically when a battle force is being created.

Custom Rule

As with any hobby there is always a degree of freedom. To this end Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager) will allow the definition of custom validation rules that will serve as exceptions from the default validation rules, making the validation stricter or laxer.

Rule Set

The rule sets as used by Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager) will be available separately from the product and thus will be more updateable as new rules as defined or added.

Rule Set Editor

As the rule sets are not included in Ba-Fo-Ma (Battle Force Manager) an editor will exist to create exportable rule sets for the various game systems.

Squad Simulator

The question is always asked how good will my choice of custom squad will be? The aim of this will be to compare the collector's choice to a number of pre-defined squads based on the goals of his squad. This will not be a full force simulator, but will only be for the fine-tuning of squads and will still leave the actual tactics to the collector.